Important Information

Free tournament t-shirt

All competitors registered by the April 20th deadline will receive a free tournament shirt. Shirts are to be picked up the day of the event at the NABJJF booth inside the venue.


Parking Fee—Basic Academy of Internationanl Studies does not require paying for parking permits through the weekend.

Spectator Fee--$10 for spectators age 7 and up

No Pets Allowed in the Venue

Changes to Registration

Email any changes or updates to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Be sure to include the tournament name, your name, and the changes to be made in the email.  The deadline for all changes is Wednesday, May 4th, no changes will be made after the deadline or the day of the tournament.


Weigh-ins are right before your division is scheduled to begin. Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled division time.

Open Weight Division

This option is only for juvenile competitors and above. Only competitors that have placed in their respective division qualify for the open weight division. This division is at no cost to the competitor. All competitors interested in competing in the open division must register the day of the tournament immediately after they receive their medal at the medal podium.  Competitors that are by themselves in divisions also qualify for the open. If a competitor registers for the open and does not show up, points will be subtracted from their team score.

Disclaimer for Kid and Adult Brackets

Kids brackets—The NABJJF designates a significant amount of time to bracketing the Kids.  If your child does not have a match in their division, rest assured that the NABJJF will do its best to ensure a fair match for your child.  In case we cannot come to a conclusion on what is best for your child, parents will receive a phone call to discuss the child’s best option for competition. Kid brackets are not posted on the site prior to the tournament, since they are subject to change.

Juvenile Competitors and older

The NABJJF holds you accountable to review the competitor list and contact us in case there are any changes. Competitors will have up to the Check Date to request to be moved in division. In case you are the only person in your division after the check date you will receive a gold medal in that division and qualify to compete in the open weight division. If you want a match but are not sure where you want to move to, send us an email that you are willing to move and we will place you in the best available option.